New Girl In Town

40 originals, felt-pen on A4 paper

40 digital prints, 21x29 cm

video on DVD, duration 3min

Artists Minna Haukka and Paulina Egle Pukyte, in a sense “new girls in town” (in London) themselves, have collected posters handmade by workers of illegal brothels in Soho, London. They were intrigued by the amateur designs, childish, almost sweet handiworks – so in contrast to the business they advertise.

Taken out of context these words can be about anyone of us – the way we might like to describe ourselves or to be described.
This work is also about stereotypes and preconceptions we employ so often in our lives without giving it any thought, without even noticing, without hearing the real meaning of the word

New Girl In Town 1 min video demo