SATYR and SCYLLA (watch demo)

2 channel video installation _____12 min loop

Satyr and Scylla is a two-channel video of 'real life' footage observeing a man and a woman. Through titles these accidental images are juxtaposed with myth, subverting its traditional meaning.

Satyr, in theory a symbol of male sex drive, appears here as a naked man lying drunk on a lawn. While uncannily resembling Satyr's image from a Greek vase, he at the same time has acquired a helpless and ‘feminine’ pose.

Scylla, a symbol of monstrous female danger for passers-by, here stands at the side of a holiday makers’ path while day turns into night in a dilapidated backstage of a summer resort, and lures some of them into her dungeon. She is, in fact, a public toilet attendant.