Girls And Boys
installation of still and moving images (installation views)


An attempt to remember one’s childhood as a parallel space where lies get mixed up with truths and real events with imagined or dreamt ones. (Twin Peaks, Alice In Wonderland, “Things are not what they seem”, children in cellars)

Keywords: (childhood> fairy-tale> dream> uncertainty> secret> strangeness> fantasy> lie> suspicion> prejudice> premonition> fear> phobia> sensitivity> trust> vulnerability> ridicule> menace> limitation> duplicity> different> the other)


Granny – “Why are your nails so sharp?”------double slide projection
In The Bath – “Why is your eye so big?”-------video projection 1 min 22 s loop
Smile – “Why is your head so big?”-------------video on screen 2 min loop
Natalia – “Why are your legs so white?”--------video projection 2 min loop
In The Woods – “Why is your sack so big?”----double slide projection
Boy – “Why are you so little?”------------------two slides in a viewer
Laughter – “Why are you silent?”----------------one video projection and two videos on screens, continuous loop
Bench – “Where is your leg?”--------------------two slides in a viewer
In A Chair – “Where is your ribbon?”-----------double slide projection
Family – “This is a piece of wood!”--------------two slides in a viewer
Little Window – “There is a cellar”---------------one slide in a viewer

Are these Little Red Riding Hood’s questions to the fake Granny – or harassment of the Other?
“Repetition, double exposure and unexpected juxtaposition of found anonymous slides from 60s and 70s not only create new meanings, probe the dark corners of consciousness, and drag hidden phobias out into the daylight, but also raise important social questions.”


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