sound intervention in a found space (disused factory)

space – typical post-soviet style foreman’s room in Lithuania: tables, chairs, cups of coffee, magazine covers on the walls, empty vodka bottles in the drawers, candy wrappers under the tabletop glass, an old radio on the table.

sound – “Money and Prosperity” self hypnosis tape, mass-produced in USA for those who want to become rich, persuading the listener that he/she is/will be rich and prosperous.

MONEY AND PROSPERITY. SELF HYPNOSIS (transcript from audio cassette):
Hello, greetings and welcome.
Reflect with me for a moment upon the nature of money, wealth and prosperity. And the more time you will take reflecting upon it, the more varied and abstract your thoughts concerning money, wealth and prosperity will become. Consider first money, and soon your knowledge concerning money will bring your mind to money’s truest nature, and you will be guided to understand, that the value of money is determined by you with each and every transaction that you enter into. And that the value of money is determined by the number of zeros on the bill. And the zero is nothing. Allow your thoughts to roam upon the question ‘how was wealth created’ and you will soon discover that all wealth is created in the mind, and that every person who has ever created wealth, created it first in the mind and then proceeded to project into physical reality the mental images they have been nurturing and holding within their mind. Consider as well the nature of prosperity and you will discover that true prosperity includes much more than money, it also includes peace of mind, physical and mental health and, of course, financial abundance.