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At Noon In Democrats Square
. 2017

Performance. 10 min daily at noon (15 September - 30 November 2017)

songs: Bella Shirin
performing: Gabrielė Kuzmickaitė, Monika Pleškytė, Gabrielė Skromanaitė, and Martynas Žukauskas

This 'square', formerly Demokratų Square, is in the Kaunas suburb of Vilijampolė, also known as Slobodka – the location of the Kaunas Ghetto from 1941 until its complete destruction in 1944.
On 28 October 1941 a mass selection of its inhabitants took place here, that became known as The Big Action and resulted in extermination of 9200 Jews in a single day. 

There is no memorial or any sign here to mark this event.

Every day at noon a singer comes and sings in Yiddish to the emptiness of Democrats Square.