Paulina Pukytė is an artist, writer, curator and critic.

She has recently curated the
11th Kaunas Biennial,
which took place between 15 Sept and 30 Nov 2017

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Recent works:


SOMETHING IS: Paulina Pukyte

Published by Artseria, 2021

A story of Paulina Pukytė’s visual work of the past two decades: site-specific objects and installations, short films, moving and still image, drawings, conceptual projects, and public space interventions.

Paulina Pukyte Kazkas yra_virselis sklaidai

you have played or will play another note of the anthem. 2020

site-specific intervention: found object (Soviet-period iron window grill from the Riga Psychiatric hospital), found sound (all notes of the Soviet Latvian anthem played separately in the right order), sound triggering sensor, text

in “Difficult Pasts: Connected Worlds” at the Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, November 2020 - February 2021.

The work comprises of two artefacts (an object and a sound), both (un)familiar from our mutual Soviet past.
The installation requires from every visitor of the exhibition to perform an almost unavoidable act that on its own is very insignificant, but wen performed by many and during a certain period of time, it creates something that you most likely wouldn’t want to create.

Anthem 1_small

REPETITION OF SILENCE: Monuments for a New Time by Paulina Pukyte in the special issue of Baltic Worlds

Waiting (by LK) For (by PP) What There Is Of Poetry (by GK). 2020
Reading poetry at Versopolis Literary Festival

The Art of Aping / Beždžioniavimo menas. 2020

J as Cattelan Pope_sm_cropped
After: Maurizio Cattelan, The Ninth Hour, 1999

Monument and Censorship (To Remove or Not To Remove). 2019

Paminklas ir cenzūra

Paulina Pukyte_Pillar of Salt
A Pillar of Salt. 2019. Intervention project

What To Do With Cvirka? The Third Way

The monument to a writer and soviet functionary Petras Cvirka – one of the last soviet monuments in Vilnius – is on the verge of being removed from its square by the city municipality. The recent calls to get rid of it sparked heated public discussions and split the community in two: some want it removed as a monument to a collaborator with the soviet regime, others want it left in place as a monument to a popular writer. Most would agree that Cvirka does not deserve such a prominent monument: we would not erect a monument to him today, but does it mean the best we can do today is simply to remove it, like nothing ever happened? Or, on the other hand, simply to leave it as it is, like nothing ever happened?
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At Noon In Democrats Square. 2017

Recurring performance. 10 min daily at noon (15 September - 30 November 2017)

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